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16 December 2010 @ 07:31 pm
Why was this not promoted more?

here is the full info

If you have Google Chrome you need to install this extension. It's only running til the 19th:

Everyone’s total tabs will determine a charitable donation made on behalf of the Chrome community, up to one million dollars. Here's what your tabs can do:
10 tabs = 1 tree planted
10 tabs = 1 book published and donated
25 tabs = 1 vaccination treatment provided
100 tabs = 1 square foot of shelter built
200 tabs = 1 person's clean water for a year

You basically have nothing to do except click for it to add the extension, then every tab it opens will count toward your total. At the end of each day, you choose the charity you want your tabs to count toward.

It doesn't keep a record of your browsing history. It simply counts tabs opened.

So please, please, please, if you have Google Chrome: install this.
I'll start us off...
I make no apologies that some of this icons are years old. That makes them even more amazing to me that they are so brilliant.
I was up at 4am staring at tiny pixels of joy to make my decision.

emily_reich@icon_reich | jeebs83@cylonish | likegunfire@monorailed | pumahmistress@incestualicons | darlingbones@ohbambi

my top six BSG iconmakers, in no particular orderCollapse )
09 December 2010 @ 05:04 pm
I've been busy with uni work, sorry for being AWOL.
On that note, to get us back into the spirit of nomming, how about a little bit of praise for your favourite BSG icons/iconmakers?

If you're familiar with iconpraise, then you'll see what I'm getting at.

Post up to eight icons from up to six of your favourite BSG/Caprica iconmakers in a new post behind a cut.
It'd be nice to know why they are your favourites as well, but you don't need to write an essay (unless you want to).
Outside the cut, you may post your five current favourite BSG/Caprica icons. They don't have to necessarily be by your favourite makers.

This will give us all a chance to be introduced to some pretty we weren't aware of.

Upload to your own photobucket/tinypic etc account. No hotlinking.
Use the lj user code to make clickable links to the icon creators. Credit.

Does anyone want some sort of spoiler policy for Caprica? Post concerns etc in this post.
I've only seen the pilot, so I'm aware I'm going to be spoiled.

I'd appreciate some feedback in this post as well, as to how we're going to move forward/what amount of categories you want for each show etc
20 November 2010 @ 02:55 am
All previous winners will be listed over at fleethonours along with their winning icons *if any links are still valid*
I had planned to do this years ago, as you will see from the sign up date of the fleethonours comm. I had all of the icons saved to Photobucket, but they're no longer there.
Rest assured that from here on in I'm going to be more organised and I'm considering having a comm photobucket account for uploading nomms; what do you think?
19 November 2010 @ 03:12 am
A lot of you wont know that I went on a very long hiatus due to having no PC or internet.
I'm back now. And though this comm was fairly inactive near the end, I am planning on resurrecting it. (see what I did there?)

Yes, BSG is over. Yes, Caprica is now cancelled (and I've only seen the pilot).
More importantly than that, however, is the fact it lives on in our hearts and in our photoshops!
Bill Adama could do a better speech.

On that note, if you are interested in comodding this community, please respond to this post.

Feel free to respond also with any thoughts/criticisms/questions you may have about this post and our return.

We're going to be narrowing down the categories, as well as adding Caprica to our accepted noms.
Let's take back the colonies... or something
29 June 2007 @ 11:55 am
Right nuggets,
in case you hadn't noticed ((as a lot of you actually didn't)), bsg_awards is open for the next round of nominations.
I'm back of hiatus, and will be 100% committed to this comm, but I need your support.
In the time we've been using for R&R ((instead of nomming)), there has been a mass of stunning BSG icons released.
And not to brag, but it seems all of the members/watchers here are a talented bunch.
So to inspire some nomming, lets have a little recc post.
Feel free to add some reccs of your own to the comments.
Maybe we should make this a regular thing?

_omnivore_: Shame on you! No BSG icons since the end of March? Are you frakkin' kidding?! We miss them. Though kudos for making us beg for more after such a stunning batch. 62 BSG, 3 Tricia, 3 James>here
ack_attack: posted 28 gorgeous BSG icons here>full of texturey goodness.
aka_katya: posted a frakload of gorgeously obsessive shippy Mary McDonnell/Edward James Olmos related icons here. ((She also has the most beautiful header at her personal journal)).
amanda_is_wacky: You should also be sent to the brig for posting six awesome BSG icons way back in March, then leaving us high and dry. Feast your eyes on these nuggets, as right now it appears we're on rations.
ancarett: Do my eyes deceive me? December?! I don't know whether the brig or the nearest airlock is more suitable. And just look at all the pretty.
amiyuy: Come back to us!
anno_superstar: 63 sexcellent BSG icons at the start of June, and providing us with superb challenges at starttheclock> you get a gold star. And maybe some R&R with Anders...
ashleyr388: posted some gorgeous Katee icons here with added Tricia and Jamie hotness.
avilina: I just can't find the words... utter despair.
beerbad: Shame. On. You.
brandinsbabe: You have been posting beautiful SGA art. Where is the BSG love?
bop_radar: You win for making BSG reccs. Everyone go be inspired.
buggy_542 made a post with beautiful effects and great cropping back in December, here.
subjective: Made a lovely texture based post back in December, here.
cenedrawood: posted a fabulous BSG desktop here back in November.
ctofine: posted some wonderful textual icons here.
watchpoint: used dreamy subtle colouring on a recent batch of BSG icons here. >>Go vote BSG in the poll.
crimson614: is making us miss her access to photoshop :(
dim_bulb: has gone AWOL with all the pretty talent.
about2fray: is providing some pretty Chief love here.
ellymelly: Beautiful cropping and a taste for the gutter on display here.hehe.
hermione6087: is currently MIA. I want a search team.
ilovemeryl: is inspiring the Roslin love.
galacticanews: is stalking us. At least pretend to behave nuggets.
gimppirate: is also MIA and making us miss her. We need volunteers for these search teams.
fractured_light: is MIA. Our squadron is dwindling.
garinungkadol: is making me squee with delight at awesome BSG text icons here.
exsequar: needs to make pretty BSG icons again. Last BSG pretties are here.
fidesangelus: is inspiring Kara/Lee love.
o_lonelily: is bringing the Helo/Sharon love.
jellyfrog: is displaying beautiful colouring and spoiling me ((in a bad way. damnit. and i was doing so well.))here.
jr_moon: has pretty Tricia icons here. Wheeeeeeeee!!!
kidblink83: was very thoughtful and made lots of 'Home pt 1' icons and a fanmix, which can be found here. Serious gold star action!
maryangel200: has seriously beautiful colouring on a batch of BSG icons here.
kandy4eva: is loving some Apollo/Roslin. Respect.
timewithers: made me not look at the recent ((obviously amazing)) BSG icon post, as I haven't seen the finale. So instead I'll point you to cast icons here.
osunbaby: has the most adorable son.... who looks like he could star on BSG!
ninnui: is breaking my heart. Where is the BSG pretty? here> too long ago and v pretty.
meshel73: is inspiring Aaron Douglas fans!
octagonalpaper:no longer stalks us is MIA.
prettypinkdork: made seriously gorgeous Katee and Mary and BSG icons... GUH!
pumahmistress: made use of a lovely bold style here. So talented.
endlessdeep: posted a batch of pretty textured icons here.
rosebfire2: loves Lexa Doig who is married to Michael Shanks, who was in Stargate:SG1 with Torri Higginson, who was in Stargate:Atlantis with Jaime Ray Newman, who was in Supernatural like Samantha Ferris, who was also in BSG.
likegunfire: made an amazing cylon fanmix and matching icons, here.
ender839: shows off great cropping here.
jason_bond_69: is writing spectacular BSG fic here.
morbideclipse: is girlcrushing on the women of BSG. Amen to that!
reve_lucide: made a beautiful batch of BSG related icons here. Especially love the Katee and texture use.
scary_tan: is on icon making hiatus. Frak! We need to see pretties like these.
shadowserenity: made a phenomenal batch of Tricia icons here.
speakfree: is an extremely talented icon maker. But right now, I'm reccing this cos it made me happy.
the_justiner: posted gorgeous colourful Mary McDonnell/Edward James Olmos artwork here. And also made a fab new comm for Mary/Eddie fans. maryandeddie.
summer_smile: Really nicely coloured BSG icons back in October> here.
vickysg1: posted some lovely b&w/colour icons back in November> here, but I'd like to request some BSG fic, as you're so good at writing sparky :D
wynne_: is a Canuck like Tricia!
xsomethingbluex: has made a wonderful Lee/Kara fanvid> here. I urge you all to see it.
yokana_yanovick: has some gorgeous Laura icons over here, and is currently writing 30 Adama/Roslin fics.
zverushka7: is hiding from me with a crackified Cain icon.
And I have been doing my bit by capping every scene of BSG ever released.

I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anyone out, but if I have>it's only because I love you more than words can say :D

starttheclock good_galacticon galactica_icons bsg_challenge bsg_graphics sf_incandescent scifi_exclusive sgc_elite sg_awards
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12 April 2007 @ 01:26 am
by pumahmistress

by pumahmistress

by lollobrigida

Valley Of Darkness
by watchpoint

Act Of Contrition
by pushing_pin

by smercy

by prettybutt

Final Cut
by iulieki

Special Category
by wurlocke

..it was stupid removing the 'funny' category!
My icon says so!
10 April 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Where has the fleet gone?

I've had an idea recently (shock horror) and feel free to tell me if it's ridiculous.
Basically, I was thinking that in order for more member participation/chances to win/more fun, members could opt to join the colonial fleet or the cylon fleet. It would be super secret, and each week I would tally points from each side. Points could be gained through nomming, voting, winning etc. Hence the super secretness, so no cheating.

Also considering a member of the month type thing.

What do you think?
16 February 2007 @ 04:51 pm
Please re-read the rules.
Nominations are open. This nomination period is open until Saturday 24th February 11:59am GMT.

The special category is End of the World OTP: Best icon of Six and Gaius. May not include other characters.

Remember Season 3 spoiler icons must go behind a cut with a spoiler warning. Episodes up to 'Unfinished Business' have free reign.
((Updates will continue throughout the nomination period.))

16 February 2007 @ 03:30 pm
- Categories have been condensed and renamed.
further info under hereCollapse )
- New userinfo
- New layout

((this post will be updated throughout the day. Its purpose is to keep you up to date with the refurbishment))

20 January 2007 @ 02:33 pm
on my complete lack of followthrough *so to speak* you can check out my personal journal. I am so very sorry.

Nominations etc will be open later today. Wait for the post.
01 January 2007 @ 04:39 pm
is definitely happening on the 7th January 2007.

Happy New Year everyone


Thank you all for your patience.
bsg_awards is still hoping for volunteer banner makers and perhaps co-mods.
If you are interested, please comment to this screened post with your
name: LJ and real
application for banner maker/co-mod/nomination checker:
relevant experience (if none, just put none cos there's only one way to learn):
why you think you would make a good mod here/why you want the job:
07 October 2006 @ 04:01 pm
I apologise for this, sincerely.
Nomms are not open yet.
Unfortunately I had to work yesterday ((and ended up leaving my dog outside and the back door open while noone was in the house- that's how scatterbrained I have been)) and today. And now I'm going to a concert.
And tomorrow is my birthday so I don't foresee getting online.
The other comm ((for winners info, banners, admin stuff)) is also not ready just yet, so perhaps this is a good thing)).
I will keep you posted. Hopefully this delay wont be too long.
So sorry about this.
Hope you enjoyed watching BSG ((I haven't had time to acquire it, never mind watch it)).